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If you are a Catholic organization offering group medical benefits to employees, you are invited to become a Member of the Catholic Benefits Trust. Please explore this site for a better understanding of the CBT. Then contact us with questions or feedback.

We help take care of your employees and allow you to focus on the core mission of the Church!

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The Catholic Benefits Trust is open to all Catholic entities across the United States that are listed in the Kenedy “Official Catholic Directory”, and is especially attractive for Catholic organizations that self insure their medical benefits. It is NOT a legal strategy to deal with the HHS mandate of the Affordable Care Act.  It IS a financial strategy to reduce your current costs and protect assets.



The Catholic Benefits Trust can accommodate any group benefit plan.  But the real opportunity for savings and improved benefits is in the medical plan, where costs are normally 3 to 4 times higher than the combined costs of property & liability insurance.  The CBT is NOT an insurance company. But it IMPROVES your current plan by giving you ownership of data, robust analytics of that data, improved outcomes in claims and wellness through patient advocacy, lower payments to insurers, and more. This is all done with minimal disruption to your busy work schedule!

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Yes, you can “trust” the motives of the Catholic Benefits Trust….because it too is a CATHOLIC ENTITY with no profit motive, and each member has a seat at the Board to govern its purpose and manage its growth.  More than that it is a LEGAL TRUST that gives important protection of assets designated for benefit plans.  The CBT is domiciled in Delaware as a statutory series trust, meaning each member’s assets are held separate from each other, although all are protected in the same master Trust.

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