What is a Nurse Advocate?

Nurse advocates are proving to be an essential feature of the most effective health plans.  But many patients may not know what a vital role a nurse advocate fills.

You will make numerous health care decisions in your lifetime.  But you don’t need to make those decisions alone. Nurse advocates understand that numerous factors enter into each choice you make: your spiritual beliefs, your family obligations, your finances, and your need for the highest quality of life. They also understand that your health means more than just an illness of injury.  Advocates work with you to create a wellness program that can attend to your whole health. Advocates makes sure that the health care experience remain patient-centered.

The nurse advocate serves as a liaison between the doctor and the patient.  The advocate opens a line of communication that flows both ways.  Because of this, a nurse advocate serves two roles:

  1. The nurse advocate provides a resource of information to the patient, explaining diagnoses and treatment plans in terms a patient can understand.
  1. The nurse advocate also represents patient’s’ best interests and champions patient’s’ needs to their health care network.

Patient advocacy improves efficiency and enhances overall care.  Advocacy programs also ensure that individualized needs and preferences are given the respect that they deserve.  If a patient’s wishes conflict with a prescribed treatment plan, the nurse advocate serves as the patient’s voice.  In this event, the nurse advocate works with doctors and health care providers to come up with alternative treatment plans that best attend to a patient’s wishes as well as the patient’s health, making sure the patient is served mind, body, and soul.

Nurse advocates can also represent larger cohorts or populations. By championing the needs of larger groups with similar needs, tailored health programs can be created for these populations.  In a system where cost-effectiveness is key, nurse advocates can provide the insight and organization to serve individuals needs with cost-effective programs that serve populations at large.
If you have more questions about Catholic Benefits Trust nurse advocacy program, please reach out.  We’d love to answer your questions and help you secure a better health experience for you or your organization!

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