What Is Population Health Management?

“Population Health” is fast becoming the buzzword for great health care plans.  But what exactly is population health and how does it translate into better care?

Simply put, different groups have different needs.  Some groups are more prone to genetic illnesses or certain infections than others.  Other groups require different on-going treatments and check-ups, such as prenatal or end-of-life care. A group is not necessarily one divided along ethnic or gender lines.  Think about your community: does your neighborhood have a growing elderly population? Or does it seem like every family around you has a kid on the way? Is your community rural or urban, working class or wealthy, family-oriented or full of young professionals on the go?

Population health management is a data-driven program that studies a certain population to discover trends in their health care needs. By analyzing a population and customizing a plan to suit their specific health requirements, we can create not only healthier individuals but healthier communities too!

Population health management also benefits customers in several other ways:

Cut Costs

By creating plans tailored to a group’s most common needs, a plan may not have to account for excess services that are unlikely to be utilized by that community.  By “cutting the fat,” plans can become more streamlined and cost effective.  As an added benefit to this, the cost certain treatments common to a demographic can be bundled and dispersed across this population reducing cost to every individual.

Customized Care

Population health management is all about finding a comprehensive health program that attends best to group’s specific needs.  By consolidating a population, a customized treatment and care plan can be created that more effectively accounts for that group’s medical requirements.

Data-Driven Programs

When picking a healthcare plan, we do a lot of guess work as to what types of care to prioritize.  Because population health management is data-driven, you can benefit from population studies that can better anticipate what your health care needs may be not only in the near future, but down the line.

Life-long Health

You do not belong to the same demographic your whole life. As you age, your needs change too.  Population health management acknowledges these changes to create programs that best serve your needs no just today, but your whole life long.

Still have questions about population health management? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or feel free to reach out to CBT anytime!

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