Population Health Management Strategies that Work

simple population health management strategies to tryMost organizations can benefit from implementing population health management strategies. Population health management focuses on preventative medicine and treatment for patients. The goal of population health is to address potential health problems before they become major financial burdens. Switching to a population health management infrastructure isn’t a simple process though. While it is cost-effective in the long run, it may seem intimidating at first. Here are a few ways to test a population health management strategy before making a final decision and a big transformation:

1. Diabetes Education

As one of the most expensive chronic diseases in the US, diabetes is often underdiagnosed. Frequently, problems caused by diabetes could be prevented. This is where population health comes in. Offering diabetes education is a simple way to implement a population health strategy. All you have to do is take a few extra minutes with diabetic patients and assess their literacy level when it comes to understanding their disease. The more informed they are about diabetes, the more likely they are to follow their treatment plans.

2. Mental Health Screenings

Incorporating screenings for mental health is another simple way to start introducing population health management into your organization. You can include questions about mental health during regular primary care visits. Noticing the symptoms and getting ahead of mental health issues will prevent problems from escalating and becoming more expensive in the future.

3. Patient Data

Collecting demographic data and taking patient lifestyles into consideration when providing treatment options is another small way to adopt population health management. When you look at where your patients live and work, you learn more about how their lifestyles impact their health. For example, understanding the communities your patients live in will give you insight into their poverty level, education level, and employment status, which can impact their wellness choices.

At the Catholic Benefits Trust, you can learn more about population health management and how we incorporate value-based care models into our strategy. As a CBT partner, you will have access to our healthcare resources as well as several other advantages including nurse advocates and a seat on our Board of Directors. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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