Applying Business Intelligence to Healthcare

business intelligence and healthcareBusinesses already use data and analytics tools to improve their operations and marketing strategies. In order to reach their audience more effectively and predict the wants and needs of their market, they apply business intelligence tools to acquire data. We can apply the same types of tools to collect patient data and use them to improve healthcare. Applying business intelligence techniques to healthcare can help providers reduce costs and improve treatments for patients.

Opportunities to Save

Collecting data and studying patterns will help you save money in the future. With all of the information in one place, you can identify opportunities where resources are misused or where there’s room for improvement. Using business intelligence techniques to track data will save both employers and employees money in the long run. Instead of cutting back on employee benefits, employers can use their data analysis to find other ways of reducing costs. Applying business intelligence tools to your health benefits analysis also provides transparency for your employees so they can work to maintain their health and avoid costly health issues in the future.

Improve Quality of Care

With proper application, business intelligence tools can also improve the quality of care and treatment for your employees. Doctors can use predictive analytics to design treatment plans for individuals. Using big data in healthcare allows providers to anticipate health problems before they occur, which helps doctors and patients work together on preventative treatment plans. Preventative medicine will improve the overall, long-term health of your employees while also saving money on costly emergency treatments.

The Catholic Benefits Trust already uses business intelligence techniques when designing health and benefits plans for our members. As a member, you’ll receive access to a data warehouse and an in-depth cost analysis of your health plan. We help you save money on health costs by preventing them in the first place. With our individual care advocacy and wellness plans, your employees are encouraged to stay healthy and avoid expensive medical treatments. You can learn more about the flexible benefits we offer our members by contacting us!

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