3 Tips for Developing a Culture of Health

culture of health at work

While regular exercise and a balanced diet can prevent many health problems in the future, our society doesn’t make healthy lifestyles a priority. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes more difficult when you’re living in an environment that doesn’t promote health and wellness. You can help your employees prevent expensive health issues in the future by cultivating a culture of health at work. A culture of health is a community where personal and collective health is a priority. Here are a few ways you can develop and benefit from a culture of health at work:

1. Wellness Programs

Implementing a wellness program is one of the most effective ways to transform your workplace culture. A wellness program can help your employees focus on their long-term health by encouraging healthy habits such as diet and exercise. At CBT, we help our members develop a wellness plan that includes health screenings and doctor visits. Our wellness plan can help you identify and manage health risks for your employees so you can customize a wellness program for your workers. CBT members can also access our Health Improvement Program, which will help individuals at your organization manage and improve their health.

2. Health Coaches

Many people develop preventable diseases and illnesses due to a lack of education. With a health coach and other resources, you can educate your workers so they understand how to help themselves. At CBT, we provide our members with a nurse to act as their advocate and health coach. Nurses are valuable assets in the medical world and they can teach your employees how to maintain healthy lifestyles.

3. Communication

You can develop a culture of health at work by connecting your employees with a variety of health professionals. With several health professionals in your network, they can communicate with each other and collaborate on diagnoses and developing effective treatment plans.  

With all of these resources available, your employees will know that you’re making their health a priority, which will encourage them to do the same. It may not happen overnight, but with access to the right resources you are developing a culture of health. Contact us to learn more about our member benefits so you can start helping your employees get healthy!

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