How Employers Can Raise Diabetes Awareness

world diabetes awareness for employersThe most effective way to cut healthcare costs is to prevent health problems. If your employees don’t require expensive medical care, you don’t have to spend precious time researching and weighing your options. In order to help your employees maintain healthy lifestyles, you can start a corporate wellness program or hire a health coach. You can also raise awareness through basic education programs.

Diabetes education is a great place for employers to start. In 2014, 442 million people were diagnosed with diabetes, up from 108 million in 1980 according to the World Health Organization. Diabetes is also one of the mostly costly diseases. The American Diabetes Association estimated that the total costs of diagnosed diabetes rose from $174 billion in 2007 to $245 billion in 2012. What can employers do to raise awareness and support employees with diabetes?

1. Implement a Diabetes Education Program

You can help your employees prevent diabetes by establishing an education program to teach them the causes and symptoms of the disease. Despite how common diabetes is, misconceptions about how you get it and what it does still exist. By providing your employees with a basic understanding of the disease, you can raise awareness and show support for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

2. Offer Diabetes Screening

Employers can also offer diabetes screening tests for employees. When employees understand how the disease is detected, they will notice warning signs and symptoms earlier, which will improve their ability to treat the disease later.

3. Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

The most important outcome of your diabetes education program should be that your employees are motivated and able to adopt healthier lifestyles. If they know what causes the disease, they can take the appropriate steps to prevent diabetes. You can also offer wellness programs and hire health coaches to help your employees maintain healthy, preventative lifestyles.

Offering a diabetes education program will raise awareness for the disease and encourage your employees to be more aware of their health. Education programs play a major role in prevention. The more your employees know about health risks and benefits, the more motivated they will be to avoid expensive health issues such as diabetes in the future. Contact us to learn more.

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