Design Your Benefits Plan to Attract Talent

office yoga, workplace wellness, attract talent with benefitsYour organization and your employees will have different benefit requirements than other businesses and organizations. How can you ensure your benefits package is optimized to meet the requirements of your organization and attract top talent? Here are a few things to consider as you design your own benefits plan:

  • Wellness Plans

You can never go wrong with wellness plans. An essential part of preventative health care, wellness plans can help your employees adopt healthy lifestyles and catch symptoms before they become expensive and painful health problems. Offering wellness programs shows applicants that you’re a cost-effective organization that makes the well-being of their employees a priority.

  • Financial Wellness Plans

Retirement remains a top concern for many employees. Many even consider delaying their retirement beyond the age they originally intended in order to save more money. Providing a financial wellness program will help your employees stay on track as they plan for retirement. Potential employees will see that you value their long-term plans and will also recognize their need for financial advice when it comes to retirement savings and options.

  • Health Improvement Programs

Health improvement programs focus on helping individuals at-risk for or diagnosed with certain chronic conditions. Chronic diseases are often the most expensive to treat. With an improvement plan in place, you can reduce health costs while also providing your employees the support they need to improve their health and their productivity.

  • Flexibility

In order to attract top talent to your organization, you have to understand what your employees value most in their benefits package. What kind of benefits will potential employees be most tempted by? Once you understand your audience, you can work with CBT to design your own plan and select the benefit carriers and consultants you want.

  • Lower Fixed Costs

One way to attract talent is to provide a benefits plan with lower fixed costs. When you join an organization like CBT, you become part of a larger group of members. This allows you to reduce administrative costs no matter what.

At CBT, we can help you optimize your benefits package to attract and retain top talent at your organization. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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