Religious Liberty Under a New Administration

With the many changes happening to the country under the new Trump administration, it’s important to keep track of everything going on. When it comes to healthcare, there is much to follow along with, particularly the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. One other healthcare-related topic that has been discussed is the HHS mandate created by the Obama administration that requires almost all employers to provide free contraception as part of their health plans. The new administration is reviewing the mandate, which could  lead to relief for Catholic organizations.

The HHS Mandate

In 2013, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) launched the mandate to be required for most employers, including many Catholic organizations. The mandate covers contraception, sterilization and abortion inducing drugs, all of which go against the teachings of the Catholic church.  In the early stages, the Obama administration made an exception to religious organizations who did not agree with the mandate. Unfortunately, the insurance agencies working with these organizations were required to provide free contraception as part of their contracts. This lead to a number of legal battles going all the way up to the Supreme Court, resulting in a decision that allowed certain organizations to come up with a solution that would please everyone.

What’s Next?

With the Trump administration reviewing the mandate put into place, many believe that exceptions will be created for religious organizations. This will lead to religious freedom for those affected by the mandate, ending the four years of legal battles with the government and religious organizations. While this is just speculation, the Trump administration isn’t holding back on altering the mandates created over the past eight years.

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