The ACA and Catholic Health Officials: What’s Next?

As we are over one month in the Trump presidency, many are concerned about the Affordable Care Act repeal process and what it means to them. Many Catholic health officials are concerned about the removal of the act, as a comparable replacement has not yet been proposed. Here are a few of the major questions Catholic health officials are asking during this transition period.

Will There be a Comparable Replacement?

With the House and Senate under Republican control, the repeal of the act is going to become reality. Catholic health officials believe everyone should have access to affordable health care, so what happens when the ACA is officially repealed? The major concern is the lack of a suitable and comparable replacement that will make transitioning into a new system much easier for both health officials and patients. Once the act is repealed, approximately 18 million people will lose coverage through the employer and individual mandates. Catholic officials believe the repeal will be devastating to those who are struggling to make ends meet.

What about coverage and access to coverage?

Tim Price, Trump’s selection for head of the Department of Health and Human Services has been proposing the repeal bill. One question left unanswered is the difference between coverage for everyone and access to coverage for everyone. The debate made it all the way to the Senate, as Democrats questioned the difference between providing access or coverage will be in the alternative plan.

How can we protect the advances made by the ACA?

Despite the many changes being made during the repeal process, the improvements made by the ACA cannot be ruined. The number of people insured has increased since the ACA was created and the uninsured rate has been the lowest the country has seen since 2013. The Catholic Health Association has begun sharing stories of people and families who have been positively impacted by some of the program. The shift in health care delivery, models and payment have also made positive impacts on those who need it.

Keeping tabs on the changes being made to the healthcare world under the new administration is going to be one of our priorities this year. At Catholic Benefits Trust, we can provide more information about U.S. healthcare, as well as give our members the best benefits possible.

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