Fundamental Population Health Tools and Technology

Population health can be difficult to manage, as it covers a large number of people and health needs. Fortunately, many helpful technologies exist that keep things under control. When managing population health, it’s important to note that multiple tools and types of technology need to be used to, as one size does not fit all. There are two tools that are effective for two reasons: managing daily operations for providers and patients, and seeing the outcomes. Here are the two tools needed for fundamental population health management.

Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange, or HIE for short, goes hand-in-hand with data analytics. This enables interoperability, or the method in which healthcare organizations and hospitals transmit data between one another. HIE is key for healthcare professionals to receive patient data and also to understand any recent developments. Being able to easily access this data benefits population health because of how quickly and simply a healthcare provider can send important information over to a hospital. This way, patients can receive the care they need without having to explain their troubles among the healthcare organizations they use.. HIE is continuously improving and healthcare professionals are taking advantage of its benefits.

Customer Relationship Management

Often referred to as CRM, these tools house performance metrics and credential information for healthcare providers. These allow for more effective communication between providers and their patients. Healthcare providers using CRM systems are able to personalize and educational and motivational messaging to engage patients. CRM systems work together with marketing because they are related to the hospital or healthcare provider’s messaging and the way they reach their patients or prospective patients. Population health and marketing teams are able to work together to come up with the best population health management communication strategies.

Managing population health can be done most effectively when using the right tools and technology. At Catholic Benefits Trust, we understand how useful these technologies are and how they work to benefit patients everywhere. Some of our benefits for members include valuable benchmark data, lower fixed costs, asset protection, and flexibility in choosing the right plan for your employees. Contact us today for more information on our plans and how we can help you.

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