In 2012, diocese in western Pennsylvania (Greensburg, and Pittsburgh) decided to work together to engage InforMed, LLC, an independent market leader for medical data analytics and medical management, to get control of their costs.  With the combined leverage of all three dioceses, Highmark, their medical insurer, agreed to share all data with InforMed, and to have InforMed assume responsibility for the case management of complex claims.  By using InforMed’s robust analytics, this also allowed earlier intervention with proven case management techniques than is typically triggered by insurer protocols.

On June 3, 2013, the Catholic Benefits Trust was created as a legal entity to hold the medical plan assets of member dioceses, and to manage the services being provided by InforMed. In accordance with the bylaws of the Trust, each member diocese provided a Board member for oversight of Trust operations.

Trust members were immediately awarded with a reduction in the administration fee that each member diocese paid to Highmark, based on combined volume.  Since then, the Trust has been tracking much more significant savings from the coordination of complex medical cases by InforMed.

Catholic Benefits Trust was given a “national account” status by the national Blues network, thus giving it access to established, broad medical networks across the U.S.  This enables any U.S. Catholic organization to join the Trust with relative ease.  It also eliminates a hidden cost in regional networks, i.e. the “access fee” that is charged for care outside the local network, such as accidents during travel, or retired priests living elsewhere.

InforMed merged with Conifer Health Solutions, LLC, strengthening their capacity and geographic base across the country.

Most recently, protocols were added for an annual executive-style physical for priests, in recognition of how they deal with many occupational hazards.