The Catholic Benefits Trust is domiciled in the state of Delaware as a “statutory series trust”.  This means the Trust document for the CBT has the backing of Delaware statutes as a legitimate legal structure that should not be broken by creditors that seek unrestricted assets. It also means that each member’s assets are held in “series”, or separate legal silos within the Trust.  In other words, the assets are not pooled together, yet all share the same legal protection of the Trust.

The Trust document restricts the purpose of the Trust to house assets for benefits plans.  Although medical plans are the obvious candidate for savings, there are advantages to placing other plans in the Trust, such as group life, disability, and unemployment compensation.

For medical plans in the Trust, each member has total flexibility in keeping local networks, as well as their respective brokers & consultants. Although the national blues network is the primary partner for the CBT, Conifer Health Solutions is able to accommodate data links with Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare and other plans.

Key management roles have been filled with individuals that have years of experience with benefit plans in the Catholic Church.

Dave Stewart
David S. Stewart
CEO, Catholic Benefits Trust
(and, Risk and Benefits Manager for the Diocese of Pittsburgh)