Member Benefits

The Catholic Benefits Trust will help ease the administrative burden of managing an employee benefits program through our strong expertise and streamlined processes. As a CBT member, you will enjoy:

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

  • Flexibility – Although you will become part of a group of dioceses, you will still have the freedom and flexibility to choose your own plan design, benefit carriers, and consultants. Whether you want to keep everything the same or make changes, the choice is up to you.
  • Consolidated administration – Administering a benefits program can be time consuming and costly. You can rely on our efficient administrative processes to reduce your time and cost spent managing these plans.
  • Lower fixed costs – Because your plan will be part of a larger pool of member plans, you enjoy the buying power to substantially reduce the “retention fee”, or administrative costs.  This reduces plan expenses no matter what happens on the claims end.
  • Asset protection – The Catholic Benefits Trust is a legal entity that provides you with important protection of the assets earmarked for employee benefits.
  • Actuarially Certified Rate Development – Many dioceses utilize basic rates developed by the health carrier. Through the CBT, you will have your own actuary provide a certified rate projection, subject to your input and adjustments.  This will add to the credibility and accuracy of how rates are developed.
  • Health improvement program – CBT members have access to a proprietary full-service health improvement advocacy program that assists individuals diagnosed with – or at risk of developing – certain chronic conditions. Using a coordinated approach with a diocese’s personal health nurse and the members’ physicians, the program can help individuals manage and improve their health. This not only improves care for patients, but historically produces substantial savings to the plan.
  • checkupPatient advocacy – Your employees will receive the education necessary to engage with your diocese personal health nurse who knows your diocese, your plans, your employees, and your employees’ physicians.Your personal health nurse will help employees navigate the confusing nuances of health insurance and disease management.The nurse will ensure they receive appropriate care and education to improve and maintain their health.
  • Priest Executive Wellness Plan – The CBT can help you build an annual specialized wellness plan for your priests comprised of specific health screenings and doctor visits aimed at identifying health risks and managing and improving health conditions.
  • Valuable benchmark data – Your data can be compared with other CBT member’s data in our exclusive Data Warehouse. You can access this information how and when you want. You can also get help from our experienced actuaries to analyze the data and use it in critical benchmarking activities to see how your plans and programs “stack up.”
  • Shared best practices – Being a CBT member means you are part of a network that will learn from each other and improve processes, policies, and programs by sharing what works – and what does not work.
  • Control – The CBT Board of Directors is comprised solely of member dioceses. Does your insurance company give you that kind of control?