Our Approach

The Catholic Benefits Trust offers members access to an integrated approach to healthcare plan management through four key elements:

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  • Data Warehouse – You have access to a “diocese controlled” data warehouse that collects aggregate data from disparate sources and provides you with usable information at the patient level. This helps you reach your employees in a meaningful way to encourage participation in health improvement activities and increase employee engagement rates. You receive in-depth cost analysis from the plan administration perspective. You can choose to be as involved in this process as your time permits, or have it out-sourced through the CBT.
  • Employee Health Improvement – The best way to control costs is to avoid them in the first place. We will help you identify the health needs of your employees by using available data and implementing appropriate health improvement programs. As a CBT member, you will also have access to the Priest Executive Wellness Plan that focuses on providing your diocese’s key individuals with preventive care and screenings to keep them at their best so they can focus on what is important.
  • Individual Care Advocacy – Using patient-specific data, your personal health nurse works in partnership with your plan participants and their primary care physicians to improve overall health by enhancing quality and efficiency. The focus is on patient advocacy to increase participation and engagement and improve your plan participants’ health.
  • Financial Analysis – Our cross-functional team of Employee Services and Actuarial colleagues provide you with a unique ability to better manage your employee benefit programs by understanding financial results and measuring success, opportunities, and risks.