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How to Encourage Employees to Use Preventive Care

stethoscope, medical, cost effective health careHappy and healthy employees play a big part in making a business run effectively. One effective way employers can  make this happen is by accessing preventive healthcare. Preventive care helps keep all of your employees healthy and offers benefits for you as well. Employees that take advantage of the preventive healthcare options will experience long term health benefits that will also save you money in the future.


You should notify all employees about the free options available as some may not know what they can access. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one thing many employees may know about, but may not fully understand. Make time to inform employees about everything they can access so they can take advantage of the benefits provided.

First and foremost, preventive care is free and available to everyone, including men, women and children. This is a major convenience for employees who have been putting off seeing a doctor due to costs or those who who have never been able to access health care services. Be sure to keep in mind that services are only free when delivered by an in-network doctor. As an employer, be sure to invest in the best wellness programs so your employees can take advantage of free services.


So what services are covered? Depending on age, participants have access to a variety of tests, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and cancer screenings. These screenings are effective in detecting diseases in early stages, so action can take place in order to take care of the issue up front. Routine vaccinations and pediatrician visits for children and young adults are available up until age 21. Pregnant women can receive screenings, vaccines and information on the pregnancy to ensure everything is progressing smoothly. Healthy habit information and advice on quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, losing weight, combating depression and more are also included. Catholic Benefits Trust provides a few additional services, such as nurses who serve as personal health coaches and assistance with building annual specialized wellness plans.

Organizations like Catholic Benefits Trust will help you and your employees gain access and understand free preventive health care. At CBT, we strive to make the best and most affordable options available to our members. Managing an employee benefits program can be tricky, but we are here to help. We provide a great number of benefits and services to assist in making this process effective for you and your employees.

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Design Your Benefits Plan to Attract Talent

office yoga, workplace wellness, attract talent with benefitsYour organization and your employees will have different benefit requirements than other businesses and organizations. How can you ensure your benefits package is optimized to meet the requirements of your organization and attract top talent? Here are a few things to consider as you design your own benefits plan:

  • Wellness Plans

You can never go wrong with wellness plans. An essential part of preventative health care, wellness plans can help your employees adopt healthy lifestyles and catch symptoms before they become expensive and painful health problems. Offering wellness programs shows applicants that you’re a cost-effective organization that makes the well-being of their employees a priority.

  • Financial Wellness Plans

Retirement remains a top concern for many employees. Many even consider delaying their retirement beyond the age they originally intended in order to save more money. Providing a financial wellness program will help your employees stay on track as they plan for retirement. Potential employees will see that you value their long-term plans and will also recognize their need for financial advice when it comes to retirement savings and options.

  • Health Improvement Programs

Health improvement programs focus on helping individuals at-risk for or diagnosed with certain chronic conditions. Chronic diseases are often the most expensive to treat. With an improvement plan in place, you can reduce health costs while also providing your employees the support they need to improve their health and their productivity.

  • Flexibility

In order to attract top talent to your organization, you have to understand what your employees value most in their benefits package. What kind of benefits will potential employees be most tempted by? Once you understand your audience, you can work with CBT to design your own plan and select the benefit carriers and consultants you want.

  • Lower Fixed Costs

One way to attract talent is to provide a benefits plan with lower fixed costs. When you join an organization like CBT, you become part of a larger group of members. This allows you to reduce administrative costs no matter what.

At CBT, we can help you optimize your benefits package to attract and retain top talent at your organization. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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An Overview of Healthcare Benefits in Higher Education

healthcare benefits and higher education survey

A survey conducted annually by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) yielded some interesting results for 2016. For the survey, CUPA-HR collected data from colleges and universities in the US on the healthcare benefits they provide employees. Here are a few things worth noting from the Employee Healthcare and Other Benefits Survey:

  • While American colleges and universities continue to offer Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) more frequently than most, the survey noted a dramatic increase in the number of institutions offering High Deductible Health plans (HDH). Other popular plan types include Health Maintenance Organization plans (HMO) and Point of Service plans (POS).
  • Fewer institutions are providing long-term care plans. Since last year, the number of higher education institutions providing plans for long-term health has decreased by 7 percent.
  • While wellness programs have proven to be effective solutions for improving the long term health of patients, many higher education institutions lack the budgets and staff for these programs. According to the survey, the existence of wellness programs is becoming less common for employees in higher education.

At the Catholic Benefits Trust (CBT), we help higher education institutions get the results they want for their employee healthcare plans. We’re dedicated to the Catholic Church, so we can help you develop group medical plans that adhere to Catholic values. We also understand the value of quality healthcare focused on long term health and wellness. With our personal health coaches and improvement programs, your institution can defy these statistics and stand out from the majority. For institutions struggling to maintain health benefits with a decreasing budget, we can provide legal advocacy and help protect assets reserved for your employee benefits.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your higher education institution, check out our partnership with the Franciscan University of Steubenville. You can also learn more about our member benefits by contacting us!

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